I have taught storytelling to Drama students at London Metropolitan University and Arts Ed, drama skills to business people,  theatre workshops to street kids and care workers all over the world, and organised or been involved with arts projects in local communities and in schools. I find teaching challenging and exciting, and learn so much with every workshop I take.   I also teach on a one to one basis.

  • Teaching and performing with street kids, in Cambodia, Philippines, Columbia, refugees in Bosnia, deaf children in Vietnam and deprived children in China as part of the Lost Child Trilogy with David Glass was among some of the most inspiring work I have ever done. The experience was transformative, empowering and moving for the children, the audience and the workshop leaders alike. Alongside this work, we taught forum theatre techniques to the care workers who were working with the children.
  •  Delivering the storytelling module of the BA in performing Arts at London Metropolitan university has allowed me to develop a comprehensive teaching module for storytelling. Working with drama students who are really committed to the subjects they are doing is always very rewarding.
  • Directing an immersive promenade theatre performance “Hip Hip Hooray” at a North London Primary School  to celebrate their centenary was challenging and exciting. This involved commissioning a new script and including every single one of the schools 441 pupils. We combined puppetry, drama, dance and music to make an extraordinary community show which was watched by over 600 people. Click here to read more.
  • Organising regular community singalongs at the local pub. These are hugely popular events and transform work weary locals into a happy, harmonious, and sometimes loud and rowdy chorus.