Changemakers in Health

“I now know that our collective actions born from a shared awareness can bear magnificent fruits over time.”

“Beautifully made with some powerful messages.  It was a joy to watch and rewatch….and watch yet again.”

“Profoundly moving. I had tears running down my face as I watched.”

“This beautiful representation of our collective stories lift our eyes up towards possibilities to prevent and collaborate as well as inspire us to rise up and take action.”

This film for the World Health Organisation weaves together stories from individuals and groups in health who are intentionally leading change. It reveals some of the many ways that these changemakers have managed to significantly impact their health care environments and improve health outcomes, often through relatively small, local interventions. From improving patient safety and reducing patient harm, to promoting community health and introducing compassion in health leadership – these stories offer insights into how change can be ignited from the inside out, by anyone at any level of a health system. Policy makers, funders and researchers must connect head and heart and invest in solutions developed by people and for people!

Accompanying us in the process and the filming, Ella Vincenti documented the journey and created this wonderful piece which gives some real insight into our intentions.

This article on the WHO website gives more detail on the project.

Life Growing Up

“Everyone must see this”
“Said it like it is – got deserved standing ovation for powerful portrayal of how it is to be born HIV+”

Official selection at the Global Health Film Festival 2019, and finalist for the Charity Film Awards 2020, Life Growing Up is an original film and live spoken word storytelling performance made for the UK Children’s HIV Charity, CHIVA.  It is based on the true stories and experiences of young people in the UK born with HIV. It is the second collaboration between myself (producer/ writer/ director), Novelist Danny Scheinmann (writer/ director) and Simon Baker (Film director)

The live performance premiered at the worlds largest health conference; AIDS2018 in Amsterdam and has since toured to Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham and London. The film was launched in London for World AIDS Day, and has just been selected for the Global Health Film Festival. 

The Skin I’m In

“Brilliant, powerful storytelling”
“This is a story to be watched and paid attention to” International Psoriasis Council

Psoriasis –The Skin I’m In’ is an original film and live performance made in association with the See Psoriasis: Look Deeper campaign which looks at the wider life impact of psoriasis including emotional well-being and mental health. The film and performance tells real life stories of people living with psoriasis. It was born out of an exciting collaboration between Dr Sandy McBride, Consultant Dermatologist at the Royal Free london Hospital, people with psoriasis, myself as producer, co writer, performer and co director, novelist Danny Scheinmann and award winning film director Simon Baker, 

When we hear stories oxytocin is released in the brain, which is responsible for empathy. Research shows that stories are up to 14 times more memorable than data. The live storytelling piece and film, were developed from over 20 hours of interviews with people living with psoriasis.

We have been touring the live performance and film to conferences around the UK (aimed at Dermatologists, nurses, health care workers, GPs and people with psoriasis) and it has already changed the way people view the condition and its impact, with dermatologists reporting they have changed the way they practice due to what they’ve learnt from the performances.