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Welcome to my news and updates….

I have had a busy month and have some interesting work ahead…. Changemakers in Health – our short film for the World Health Organisation has been released (see below). Its so exciting to see it out in the world . My sincere hope is that it will add to, and deepen, the essential debate about what changes are needed in our global health systems and whose voices need to be heard and that it will inspire others to become changemakers. I was delighted to narrate Max Richter’s VOICES at the Warwick Arts Centre, and to take a performance of Life Growing Up – our storytelling telling piece that tells the stories of young people in the UK growing up with HIV – to Parliament.

March 2022 – Changemakers in Health

This 15 minute storytelling film weaves together stories from individuals and groups in health intentionally leading change. It reveals some of the many ways that these changemakers have managed to significantly impact their health care environments and improve health outcomes, often through relatively small, local interventions. From improving patient safety and reducing patient harm, to promoting community health and introducing compassion in health leadership – these stories offer insights into how change can be ignited from the inside out, by anyone at any level of a health system. Policy makers, funders and researchers must connect head and heart and invest in solutions developed by people and for people. This article explains it in more detail.

January 2022 – Behind the Scenes of our latest film…

We were so delighted to have talented young film maker Ella Vincenzi as part of the team on our project for WHO. She documented the process and has made a lovely short film of our journey. It was great to reflect on the process while we were going through it and was a really helpful way of bringing perspective to any challenges as well as constantly connecting us back to our core purpose in making it. Click here to see the film.

July 2021 – Face to face facilitation

Brilliant to finally be back facilitating a live face to face immersion with The Oceantree at Inchigo. Really appreciating being in a room together and all that brings, and loving the vibe of our location – the New Forest; watching the donkeys, ponies, and cattle roaming freely and feeling the expansive freedom of the heathland. Telling the story of Jumping Mouse on the top of the heath with the midges buzzing round our heads, the ponies curiously munching their way ever closer, and with a view over a valley towards the woodland brings another magical dimension to the work.

July 2021 – Filming WHO project

We have found a fantastic warehouse location to film this project – in Bermondsey, London. It used to be a victorian tannery and is full of atmosphere. Its great to see everything coming together and particularly exciting to hear the fantastic music filling the spaces as we work from Tunde Jegede and Renu, and to have the youngest member of the team – our actress Ulrika’s 4 month old baby girl Maitreya – on set with us today. What an honour!

June 2021 – Film for WHO; writing, casting, rehearsing.

Having interviewed health care workers from all around the world we transcribed all the interviews, and then set about doing a thematic analysis. Once we had established the key themes that came through, we began to write a script. This was a long process! The first script was over half an hour long, and after numerous discussions and a lot of soul searching we have managed to cut the script down to 15 minutes. Its heartbreaking to lose some of the stories but we hope to be able to honour these in other ways. The script is now approved by WHO so we have cast 3 fantastic actors, found a brilliant musician – Tunde Jegede – to collaborate with, and begun rehearsals….

March 2021 – Online Immersion

A year ago I would never have believed that we could work so successfully online. But this week I feel lucky to be on retreat on my own in Norfolk, working online with colleagues and a client with The Oceantree at Inchigo. Each of us on retreat on our own around the world….rather than together… but working via zoom, audio connection etc! Its amazing what you can do… We have had a fulfilling and powerful week.