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22nd May 2018 – Chelsea Flower Show

Reading poems written by young people from CHIVA; The Childrens HIV Charity at the press launch of the CHERUB garden at the Chelsea flower show. Designed to bring attention to the experiences faced by young people growing up with HIV and the research that is being done in the UK by CHERUB (a collaboration of researchers) to find a cure for HIV. Due to stigma, the young people themselves felt unable to perform their own poems, so we were honoured to read for them.

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19 March 2018 – Art is Key

This week we are taking part in a week long workshop with young people, exploring their experiences of growing up with HIV through spoken word, music, poetry and drama. The longer term aim is to create a live storytelling performance and film based on the true stories collected from young people living in the UK who have grown up with HIV. This is a project for CHIVA; The Childrens HIV Association in collaboration with  Turtle Keys Arts.

October 2017 – the psoriasis tour continues!

We are continuing to take the live performance of “Psoriasis; The Skin I’m In” to conferences and events around the UK and Europe. We have had such a warm reception from audiences of health care professionals and people with psoriasis, and have had dermatologists reporting a change in the way they are practising as a result of what they have learnt from this piece. We were really pleased to perform at the RCGP conference in Liverpool in October where we received a standing ovation.

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